Where you get a professional haircut, in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere!

Friendly and top notch facilities

Friendly Environment

Friendly Environment

We do our best to make our facilities inviting and comfortable for our customers. Our waiting area is kept clean and furnished in comfortable leather couches. We stride to provide a stress-free environment for you!

Clean Shop

Cleanliness is King

When you get your hair cut or styled with us you will notice how clean it is. We keep our shop as clean as possible, no hair in the air and no hair on the floor. We keep our tools hygienically sanitized for each customer.

Licensed Barbers

Fully licensed

We aren't amateurs. Our barbers are fully licensed by the state of Connecticut and we maintain that with the utmost importance. We stay up to date with the latest cleaning techniques and maintenance for our equipment.

Mens Styling

Professional Haircuts

Professional Cuts

Whether you are looking for a new style or a professional cut for your next job interview, we are here to help. We offer a wide range of styles from clipper cuts to military cuts and everything in between.

Stylish Haircuts

Stylish Cuts

Want to make the switch to a head turning stylish haircut? We can help with that! Mohawks can be a difficult style to create and maintain, but our barber's can make it a simple and easy process.


Beards, Mustaches, and Eyebrows

Hair doesn't just grow on the top of your head (but you probably knew that)! Our services don't just cover the top of your head, we offer a wide variety of services to help keep that styling beard or mustache in shape. Don't forget your eyebrows either! We can help keep them in shape and looking their best!

Kids Styling

Fun Environment

Fun Environment

We know that children's hair cuts can be a difficult and trying experience for you, and a frightening one for your child. We make every effort to make your child's first experience getting a haircut a fun and happy time. We have a play area that your kids can relax in before their cut or during yours!

Boys and Girls Haircuts

Boys & Girls Cuts

From boys cuts to girls styles, we offer a wide variety of services for your child's haircut. Your child will look their best with a haircut from The Corner Barber!

Fun Temporary Colors

Fun Temporary Coloring

We offer temporary coloring for boys and girls. Whether it's for Halloween, spirit week at school, or just for fun we can help you and your child get the fun look that will turn heads! All dyes used for children are 100% temporary and will wash out in a few weeks.